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Product 582e8b7aab016 61nYvqJyPsL. SL1050  canary home security modern

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• Web-Ready. Some systems provide web-ready DVR or computer hookup that provides live monitoring thought the Internet. Your home and property can be monitored from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.

• Dummy Outdoor Surveillance Cameras. This is an option if you do not want to invest money and if a security threat is not that serious. Fake security cameras look just like real ones but they lack the mechanism. These are used mainly to mislead intruders, but they do not guarantee security.

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Product 582e8b7aab016 61nYvqJyPsL. SL1050

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School security cameras - Schools witness several incidents that can be identified and prevented by using security cameras. The school cameras are now smoothly replacing security officers. In recent times it has been noted that many schools are opting for security cameras to make sure that the children are safe. This comes as a consequence of schools becoming targets of terrorist activities.

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